от 08.01.2018 г. № LRU-457
Administrative procedures must be carried out in accordance with the Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan, this Law and other legislative acts.
Interested persons participating in administrative proceedings are entitled, if one of the grounds provided for in Article 31 of this Law, to file a challenge in writing to an official of the administrative body and persons assisting in the resolution of the administrative case.
If one of the grounds provided for in Article 31 31 of this Law exists, an official of an administrative body, as well as persons assisting in the resolution of an administrative matter, must immediately declare self-challenge.
If it is impossible or inappropriate to make decisions provided for in part one of this article, when appealing against administrative actions, as well as in cases provided for by law, a higher administrative body or other authorized body may oblige the administrative body to adopt a certain administrative act, procedural act or perform a certain administrative action.
Enforcement acts shall be subject to the requirements and rules provided for in Chapter 4 of this Law, unless otherwise provided by this Chapter or another law.
The administrative body, in the case provided for in Article 75 of this Law, may send a warning to the obligated person about the application of a compulsory enforcement measure and set an additional time period for the voluntary execution of the requirements of the administrative act. If the obligated person fails to fulfill his/her obligations within the prescribed additional period of time, the administrative body shall apply the enforcement measure within one working day.