от 30.04.1998 г. №
previously convicted of committing crimes against life, health, crimes dangerous to life or health, crimes against sexual freedom, against family, youth and morality, against freedom, honor and dignity of the individual (with the exception of slander, insults), against the constitutional rights and freedoms of citizens (with the exception of violations of the law on appeals of individuals and legal entities, violations of copyright or inventive rights), against the peace and security of mankind, against the Republic of Uzbekistan, crimes related to the theft of other people's property, acquisition or sale of property obtained by criminal means, commercial bribery or bribery of an employee of a non-governmental commercial or other non-governmental organization, crimes against the order of administration, as well as justice, the use of torture and other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment and punishment, crimes against public safety (except for illegal importation, sale, acquisition, storage or the use of unmanned aerial vehicles, dissemination of false information about the spread of quarantine and other infections dangerous to humans, violations of the order of storage and use of unmanned aerial vehicles, violations of safety rules in carrying out research activities, violations of labor protection rules, violations of sanitary legislation or rules for combating epidemics, violations of safety rules for mining, construction or explosive work, fire safety rules), crimes constituting the illicit trafficking of narcotic drugs or psychotropic substances, crimes against public order and military official crimes;