от 10.05.2019 г. № LRU-537
If a private initiator passes prequalification in accordance with Article 23 of this Law, a potential public partner who has received the concept of a public-private partnership project, within thirty calendar days, makes a decision on the approval or refusal to implement it.
At the same time, regardless of the cost of the public-private partnership project, a one-stage tender is held, and without re-posting the tender announcement in the media and on the official websites of the public partner and the authorized state body for applicants who meet the tender criteria provided for in Article 23 of this Law, a package with tender documents is submitted by the state partner within thirty days. The deadline for the submission of bids by bidders is indicated in the request for tender proposals, and it must not be less than forty-five days from the date of sending this request to bidders. The tender commission determines the winner of the tender and the reserve winner of the tender by evaluating their bids.
The public partner, in accordance with Articles 17, 21 and 25 of this Law, concludes a public-private partnership agreement with the winner of the tender, a direct negotiator or a special project company.
The provisions of the first part of this article shall not apply in the event of changes in the legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan providing for changes in taxes and fees after the conclusion of a public-private partnership agreement, except for discriminatory changes to a particular public-private partnership project.